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Laveen Yoga is bringing quality yoga practice to the Laveen community.  We are committed to increasing the health and wellness of our friends and neighbors through high quality instruction in a welcoming environment.  Bring your water bottles and mats and join our practice.  

Laveen Yoga and Laveen Dance are part of Laveen Karate.

2710 W Southern Ave, Suite 107





Born & raised in Lisbon, Portugal, I was always into physical fitness. The ability to understand the connection between my body and my mind has always been clear to me. From the age of nine competitive gymnastics and swimming were my first loves! I moved to the Miami, FL in 2004 and to AZ in 2005 where i was introduced to yoga. Living in the corporate world as a financial advisor encouraged me to start practicing yoga. Within two months my teacher saw in me the potential to help others reach within. I fell in love with the practice! I decided to obtain my certification as a Yoga Instructor and continued my education in sports and health coach. I started teaching all over the valley shortly after and developed my skills in several different formats that focus on strength and cardiovascular exercise. For the past 15 years I have grown into my favorite style -- Power Yoga!

When my husband of 15 years and I moved to Laveen we knew this was where we wanted to build our wonderful family! Our beautiful children Lewis 11 & Itzabella 5 years old, our two pets Dinho 13 and Nala 6 years old have turned our dreams come true. We love to travel, to exercise and to cook! This was and still is the perfect community for us!


Friday 6:00 pm



2710 W Southern Ave, Suite 107
Phoenix, AZ 85041

(602) 935-6428


(602) 935-6428

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